It’s not what you know, it’s whether it fits into your plot…

Where the Wild things Are, October 16! I loved this book, and i hope that Spike Jonze doesn’t mess up the movie, but it looks like it may be on point…

I think the reason that I’m drawn to the Sword and Soul genre is because it was created by us and that in its framework we have the ability to tackle issues that are central to us (and if you haven’t figured out what “us” is by now, I mean the “us” that are “Black as Cain”), as well as convey our sense of pride. A prime example of this is David Anthony Durham‘s addressing the consequences of drug use in his novel Acacia.

When dealing with addressing your own cultural and racial problems in your work, the question becomes how do you address social and societal issues without your work turning into an sociological case study with some swords and magic in it (or whatever is apropos for your particular genre)?

If your works makes a point to deal with said issues, then you’re good. Idealize away. But for someone who isn’t actively looking to change the world, and just wants to write a rip-snortin’ adventure, it can be quite the task to work whatever it is you want to address into your story without it overwhelming the finer points…

Good writers can integrate things into their prose and connect webs of plot so seamlessly that we don’t even know we’re considering things until we go back and be like wait what the hell?!

But for those of us who aren’t master story crafters, what’s the line, the tactic, the technique?

Shout out to Milton Davis, I just bought Meji Book One, and it was SPECTACULAR! If you’re new to sword and soul, check him out.

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