Several Independently Moving Parts

The project that has taken up the last year or so of my life are the tales of my fictional kingdom/empire Oloush-We. It began as a series of drawings inspired by Kratos, who looks a lot like a black man (and is voiced by T.C. Carson). I often wondered, what if Kratos was black, but his story was set in Africa and incorporated all the cultural riches there?

My ideas (reflected in my drawings, which I will have to upload) morphed from the depiction of a hulking, gauntlet-sporting antagonistic anti-hero to a lithe, troubled brooding soldier-warrior named Lika Oloyudin.

Hours upon hours were spent (and are still being spent) researching and polishing and rounding this brainchild of mine into something that can be taken at face value as a tale of a man with problems and a weapon to help everyone else experience those problems, but also as a vehicle to address issues of masculinity, family, and social norms.

Before Lika, though, there were his fathers, and before Oloush-we, there was a whole lot of trouble.

I have been working for a few months on six short stories, which can be read independently, but when put together as a whole work cohesively to tell the story of Oloush-we, and of Lika’s heritage and motivations.

An excerpt from the first story, The Vision, is forthcoming.

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