Ars Contemporaria

Anybody remember Amiri Baraka’s poem “Black Art?” I read this poem in one of my very first lit classes and was astounded.  Fresh off being sort of disgusted at the Spoken Word movement, this poem spoke to me like none other did. I took it to heart, and it became one of the reasons why I alienated myself from other poets. I thought that writing, as with any other from of art, should serve a concrete purpose, with themes that rock people’s perceptions and challenge their comfortable assumptions.

That’s what I want to do.  Others may be content to stay in their boxes or stick with themes that have been done over and over to the point of commodification, but I want to usher in some kind of new movement (or if not be the catalyst, at least be an agent of it).

And not even with just Black Science Fiction and Fantasy, but with all forms of art. Shout out to those who are getting their revolution on (especially in our art deformed city): Marcellous Lovelace, Petey, and Tonya Dyson….if I left you out, know I love you anyway.

More on Crimson Augur coming soon.

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