The World is Yours

One of my  favorite fantasy authors is David Eddings. Eddings career in fantasy began after “doodling” a map that later became the basis for one of the most celebrated series’ of fantasy work evar. (btw, if you haven’t read any of his work, you should. It’s mad funny. Kind of like satirical fantasy. I just finished the second series, The Malloreon, yesterday.)

If you’ve ever read any fantasy, you probably noticed that most works have a map of the world that the author has created somewhere in the book. It serves as a reference point, especially if the work is expansive enought to actually cover an entire fictional planet.

I usually draw a map as well, more to orient myself when i’m writing, and its usually the first thing that I do before I start anything major. Then I sketch the characters out. It gives them some semblance of life to me.

The story of The Crimson Augur takes place on a world that has been ravaged by war, so the world is quite small. People live in villages called farms, and there is one man (I can’t think of a dope name for him, So we’ll call him Andre) who controls everything from a glittering city called Spiral. All this has been sketched, but I can’t find ANY time to upload them 😦

I plan on telling the story from the points of view of the two protagonists: A girl and her brother, freedom fighters of a sort that seek to stop the biological experiments that Andre performs on people like them.

What are they?

In this world, they’re known as Disruptors. They posess amazing psionic powers that make them just a cut above of the other people in their world. And Andre, pioneer of enterprise that he is, captures them and creates Bio-weapons out of them so that he can start another war….

Oh, and the Crimson Augur? I’ll tell some about him later…*devious look*

Still hammering out the details, but I have to tell you, there’s nothing more fun than molding and experimenting with events and people and cultures to fill a world with. I think it may be the best bart of the process for me….sorry that I was so rambly(<–is that even a word?), but I think you guys understand what I was getting at, right?

I’m thinking about posting a little bit of the story….what do you think?

Why don’t you all share some of your worlds with me? I’m always interested in learning more about people and their work.



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