Episodic Webfic?

After reading some posts on twitter and looking through some of the entires at Tonya Moore’s website, and I noticed a few entries that were episodic webfics.

I’m a little geeked about starting a site that updates a story on a regular interval, but i don’t know if I’ll have the time. It will, however, allow me to work on some of the techical aspects of writing that I may be lacking in.

What do you all think? Of course, the story has to be engaging, but would you devote time and effort to reading it? I’d like to know what you think.

Oh, and by the way…

image courtesy GhettoManga.com


Thanks @ghettomanga for making my day by letting me know about DC bringing Milestone Comics back into the light.

I’m feeling real excited about this one.

One thought on “Episodic Webfic?

  1. Love the mindgarden of Tonya Moore ❤

    I would definitely devote the time. Have you peeped Quillpill.com? Text novels are a slick way to write episodic fiction. I started the Kota novelette that way. Might do it again. I've read other authors on that site, and enjoy the format. It's huge in Japan.

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