But what is the actual meaning?

NERD ALERT! Iron Man 2 hits us HARD May 7, 2010! And they got Don Cheadle to replace Terrence Howard, which can only make the movie like 20 times better, IMO. (They should change ol boy name to TERRIBLE Howard, if you ask me.)

War Machine will be featured in Iron Man 2

I was having a convo earlier today with a friend, and we got on to the subject of creating a work with a more meaningful theme. Anybody can write a story/make a movie/paint a picture with an obvious theme, you know?

A Romance novel where the protagonist has been hurt before so she strings the poor love interest along for three years but his heart yearn for her every second

A swashbuckling Sci-Fi adventure with a dashing protagonist that liberates a peace-loving alien clan using his trusty photon gun, which he’s coincidentally named Bella

But what about the meaning? The deeper meaning that we get from manipulating plots and subplots, putting our characters through the ringer, and setting up the amazing climactic sequences that leave readers gasping? How do we tie in what’s REALLY important to us in our work?

It’s not a difficult question to answer, really. In fact, it’s easy to answer, but hard to pull off. I’ve struggled since i began writing to be able to let up on my slash-bang-crash comic book nature for something more….real, more meaningful to people who may read my work.

We all have issues meaningful to us. Mine are “afro-relevant” (copyright 2009, any use of this term entitles creator to fifty cents from using party) and my work should reflect some of these concerns. Striking this balance is hard, but I’m up for the challenge.


I challenge you to do the same! Kill the tired tropes and make your work more meaningful!


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