I’ve been writing for six days straight. I don’t do anything for six days straight, so this 32 Day writing challenge must be something that I can really get behind.

The decision has been made: I will start posting my latest WIP, “Discontinuity”, as a webfic. It will be available in the pages section (to the right) under webfics.

“Discontinuity” began as a desire of mine to write an off the chain steam piece for Zoe, but it turned into something a little more amazing than that. Instead of just using a speculative fiction piece to represent minorities, why not use a piece to address some of the issues that are germane to said minorities, all while sticking to my sci-fi roots?

Lesiurely Lady w/Ocelots. Pretty dope, eh?

Lesiurely Lady w/Ocelots. Pretty dope, eh? (c) Yinka Shonibare

Enter Lana and Theron, my interracial couple that work as physicists whose current project is inter-dimensional travel. They succeed in their assignment, only to be taken to an alternate world where things are entirely different. An alternate-reality Africa is at war with an alternate Europe, and our interracial physicist couple fall smack into the middle of the conflict.

Chapter 1 is being posted ASAP, check it out and let me know what you think!

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