Dreams become us

Many of us celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on yesterday, performing activities in service to our communities or just trying to get some relaxation in after a long work week. I attended a set last night, and one of the performers (in lieu of his poem) spoke on what MLK day meant to him. It was powerful, engaging, and made him cry a little bit (I ain’t cry though, cuz i’m HARD *sniffle*).

I’m a tender age, and so I wasn’t around during the civil rights movement, when many of my people were struggling so hard in their own ways to attain basic freedoms themselves and future generations. However, my parents always kept me aware of the motions that were made for me and others my age.  Some of us detract from that sacrifice, saying that the civil rights movement was a failure, and that our leaders then have failed us today. Some of us uplift that sacrifice, placing it on a monumental pedestal of actions that is so venerated that we refuse to believe that it can be duplicated.

To opine on the significance of the civil rights movement and the sacrifices made during it is each man/woman’s right. However, I am a man of action, and the greater idea that I gather from Dr. King’s life and mission is that we should also galvanize ourselves to forward movement, ascension. How many people criticize, but take no steps to rectify? How many people have revolutionary ideas, but become prisoner to the humdrum and the mediocre?

Even in my creative work, I, and many of my peers, strive to ensure that what we do has a wider reaching impact than just making one nod in agreement or tap their feet. What I push for is a change, a change in ideals, a change in philosophy, a change in operation.

I know none of that would have been possible without the sacrifices of Dr. King, and many others close to me and not who gave of themselves to ensure opportunities for us.

So I thank them. And you.

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