Shout-Outs Abound!

Got a shout-out from the illustrious Tonya Moore for my (sporadic) Daily Drabble entries!

All is right with the world! I would be remiss to not put my readers on to others who are constructing mythical weaveworlds (and doing a very good job of it, by the way).

Be sure to check out the original Daily Drabble challenge.

Also, make sure to stop by Slices of Bizarro Pie, a blog by Author Jeremy C. Shipp. Also, check out John Claude Smith‘s work over at The Hive Mind. His piece “The Perfect Pumpkin” is an arresting piece, and actually kept me from writing this post for a while.

While I’m usually not into erotic fiction, Made in DNA is doing it so well that I’m having to give the entire genre a second look.

Check these authors out, they’re doing great things. It’s wonderful to see how much talent exists outside of our normal spheres. I know what i’ll be reading for the next few days.

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