Nerd Alert!

Hey guys,

Quick rundown of exciting things popping off in the next few months. All fantasy related, mind you.


As of yesterday, an official(ly awesome) trailer for the May 2011 THOR movie dropped. Yes, it looks awesome. Yes, I think it’s dope that Idris Elba is Heimdall, even though there’s no biological evidence that there were black Asgardians/Norwegians. (And apparently, people get really mad when you suggest otherwise.)

But enough about race (or racialism[1]), peep this awesome trailer for the THOR movie. I promise you won’t be left hungry:


and head on over to Marvel’s THOR Official Movie Site to check out other awesomery.

2 Game of Thrones

If you’re not familiar with George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, get ready.

Our friends at Home Box Office have serialized “Game of Thrones”, the first work in the series. The show is set to premiere April 2011. Check out the moving pictures:


3. Dragon Age 2

I can’t even do a post like this without mentioning Dragon Age 2.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just don’t care, like the majority of sane people), here’s the video goodness for you:



Question: What’s coming out in the near future that’s got your nerd bone tingling? Are you more excited about TV, Movies, or Games? Will you be retreating into a cave once these things hit like I will be?

[1] Check out that first comment by IlluminationEye….wow.

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