Open Mic – What are you excited about?

I’ve been working all weekend and couldn’t really find the time (or inclination) to do a huge post tonight. Instead, I’ll hit you with something I’m really excited about: Pumzi.


Besides being directed by a black woman, Pumzi was screened at Sundance, and generally seems like an awesome short film. I’ve know about Pumzi for a while, but was recently reminded by an article that I read earlier this week.

Creators like Wanuri Kahiu and other POC who are making their mark into science fiction and fantasy are very inspirational to me. I have nothing but respect for any POC daring to brave the challenges of creating in a world that looks to routinely silence and not accept us.

Is there any recent work (Lit, film, music, video game) that you’re excited about? Is it by a POC? What are your favorite science fiction or fantasy work by a POC?



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