Comment & Critique

I’ve come up with a fantastic idea. Instead of boring the living tar out of you with my ramblings about this, that, or the other, Ive decided to establish a series of weekly themes for your reading pleasure. All will be afro-relevant™, or at least relevant to my afro self. A later post will outline the different weekly themes (the perfect opportunity to test out this WordPress app that’s been on my phone for about six months), but I want to introduce you to theme that hereafter be the guide for all the posts of the second week of the month: Comment and Critique.

You see, my job really sucks. (More on this later.) I rarely have time to write, but when I do, it’s full steam ahead. Some of these stories are pretty decent. Others are ready for the glue factory. While I am ultimately the arbiter of my writing destiny, I could use help discerning which of my pieces are in desperate need of retooling. That’s where you come in. The second week of each month, I’ll post a story that I’ve written at work, and you’ll help me fix it. Sound too much like homework? It’s not.

You all are so awesome, by the way. I’m seeing that more and more people are stopping by to visit. Now all I need to do is get you all to become active participants. To this end, feel free to rip apart my writing to your heart’s content.

Now, without further rambling ado:

2 thoughts on “Comment & Critique

  1. This piece left me wanting to know more about the razor and the man with the connection to it. As I read I had this feeling that there was some underlying story that I would eventually pick up on if I only had more to go by. There was something really interesting about how the clone was portrayed. It made me think of ways the clone applied to US in “real” life. Over all it was a great read with minor things that I’m sure will be fixed as you continue to retweak it!

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