Best Speculative Fiction Work This Year?

The end of most years, for me, is characterized by a mad scramble to finish up various papers, final exams, and maintain a decent level of performance at my job. Add to this my desire to write at least a few words each day, and it’s a wonder that I find time to read. But I do find time to read, and I relish in it. (The key for fulfilling reading obligations with a busy life is to utilize all of your free moments. Waiting on the bus/train? Read. On the toilet? Read. Sitting at a red light? Go ahead, read a little bit.)

2011 was a banner year for fantasy and sci-fi. Many great titles were released this year. Because I’m a poor grad student, I didn’t get to read all of them (and I regret especially not being able to read N.K. Jemisin’s work, but I let it go to purchase Who Fears Death), but what I did read, I made sure I enjoyed.

And, while I didn’t have to put myself to the task of choosing between all of the great work that was released this year to choose the best, I feel like I owe you all, you cutesy readers of my blog.

But first, the honorable mentions:

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