Stumbled Upon: The Silent City

In order to supplement my more substantive posts, I’m creating a new series called Stumbled Upon, where I point you all to interesting tidbits of the internet that I’ve found while compulsively browsing online at work in my extensive journeys online.

This Stumbled Upon comes from Aker: Futuristically Ancient’s Otherworldly Videos series. The Silent City is a webseries about a man’s stuggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York City. I’ve watched the first few episodes, and it’s great stuff. The atmosphere of dead NYC is depressing, foreboding, and awesome, all at once. Great visuals and a compelling story (complete with symbolic moments right out of the gate) also make this a fun series to watch.

Check out Episode 1 here:

Subscribe to the channel here, and feel free to drop a note or link in the comments to any awesome stuff that you stumble upon. It can be art, video, or a great short story.

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