Stumbled Upon – From Here to Timbuktu, A Steamfunk Action Adventure

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Those of you who have followed this blog since its inception know that it was started because of my association with (and admiration of) Milton Davis. Milton, along with Charles Saunders, arguably the founder of the Sword and Soul genre of literature, have created several works that have firmly cemented the tradition of African-themed speculative fiction. The two of them have even seen fit to publish one of my short stories in the upcoming Griots: Sisters of the Spear Anthology. (insert squee!!!! here)

Now, for those of you that don’t know, Milton is a workhorse. He’s self-published quite a few novels and short stories, and he supports up and coming Sword and Soul authors. He also runs several short serials on Wagadu, his ning site.

In fact, today’s Stumbled Upon hails from Wagadu. Wagadu is a self-enclosed social network for enthusiasts of Arican-themed speculative fiction. This consists mostly of Sword and Soul, but also black sci-fi and a relative newcomer to the African-themed speculative fiction game, Steamfunk.

From Balogun:

Steamfunk is narrowly defined as “a person, style of dress or subgenre of fiction that seeks to bring together elements of blaxploitation films and merge it with that of Steampunk fiction”. A broader definition is A philosophy or style of writing that combines the African and / or African American culture and approach to life with that of the steampunk philosophy and / or  steampunk fiction.

From Here to Timbuktu is a simple presentation of Steamfunk at its finest: great characterization, great plot movement, and an imaginative setting that brings to mind the 19th century south, but with futuristic elements that make your head spin. And magic. Y’all know how much I love magic.

From Here to Timbuktu is already on part eight, so you have time to catch up. BUT, be warned, they’re fairly short reads (if you read as voraciously as I do), so you might run through all of them before lunch.

Do any of you remember my own time-traveling steamfunk serial, Discontinuity? I may just upload parts 1-5 of that to Scribd, so that you newcomers can check it out.

Anyway, check out From Here to Timbuktu: A Steamfunk Action Adventure, and drop a note in the comments letting me know what you think of it!

ALSO: The Escape From Beckyville giveaway is still underway! No comments received yet, but I’m sure someone wants a copy of this awesome book! You have until October 26th to comment!

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