We Have A Winnah!

After one reading, one review, countless spammy tweets, generous comments from you all, and one random number generator, the giveaway of Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage is complete.

In the spirit of true transparency, let me bore you with the statistically convoluted method by which I chose a winner.

Each comment (there were seven) was assigned a number (1-7) based on the order that they commented on the post. I then set a bounded numerical field based on the numbers that were previously chosen (The number generator asked for minimum and maximum numbers. 1 was the min, 7 the max). Then, I utilized the tech available to me to start the random generating process (I hit the little button that said “generate”). AND BEHOLD, a winner was chosen from the lot of you. And that winner is…Neosoulville, who said:

I’d like to win this book because I simply want to read it…reading *is* FUNdamental!!! :-)

Well, congratulations Neosoulville, you won! I’ll be emailing the winner soon and gathering their information so that I can deploy my henchmen to steal their most valuable treasures mail them their copy of Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage.

Thanks to everyone for their entry. And keep visiting, there will be many more giveaways in the future (and of course, you can always just stop through to bask in my glory)!

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