Review: #BlackSciFi2012’s Possibilities Anthology

Earlier in the year, a group of authors joined up and started an education blog/panel series called The State of Black SciFi 2012. Kicked off around Black History Month, the blog hop focused on several salient issues in the Black Speculative Fiction community. You can backtrack and read all of those posts from the link above, but the real purpose of this post is to lend some shine to the culmination of the Black SciFi 2012 think tank: The Possibilities Anthology. Smashwords is being a butt and not letting my review go through to the product page, so I’ve posted it below.

The Possibilities Anthology is a breath of fresh air. Each of these short, short stories provides a unique take on science fiction, but from a fresh, and long-awaited persepective. the breadth of talent in this anthology is Amazing. All of them are great, but some of my favorite stories are: Opening, The Mathematical Genius, The Eternals, Soulless Cargo, and Ouroboros Rising. Check this out, if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

If you enjoy African and African-American themed science fiction (and honestly, if you don’t, why’d you stop by here?) go ahead and and snap up the Possibilities Anthology. Oh, did I mention that it’s the low, low price of $FREE.99? You really don’t have an excuse. Go cop that.

And if you enjoy it, PLEASE leave a review and share the anthology with your friends. You know, like I just did.

Oh, and shoutout to 44. Maybe some enterprising young black sci-fi writer in the future will cook up a great story chronicling the rise of our first black president and all of the ramifications of it (or the fallout. Gotta let dystopia represent!).

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