A “Thor: The Dark World” Non-Review (with pictures)

So in Thor: The Dark World, sequel to the previous (and solid three-star) Thor film, our handsome Nordic hero/demigod has to save the world from a timeless threat: Dark Elves who came to being in a universe devoid of light who want to harness a blah blah blah to do shoop da woop to the Universe and restore it to its rightful state of yackety schmackety.

Anyway, the leader of the dark elves, main villain of the film, and enemy of the universe at large looks like this:

dark elf 1His ever-faithful Lieutenant looks like this:

dark elf 2

Guess which one gets turned into a hulking monster (who dies mid-film, of course, a willing sacrifice) that looks like a cross between the eight tails jinchūriki and a major seismic event?

dark elf 3


Did you guess correctly?

Now, call me sensitive or whatever, that’s fine. But why even have a black dark elf at all? Or why not have all black dark elves? You know, that might not have been such a stretch, with them being dark and all. Weren’t there any dark elf women (There legitimately could have been, I didn’t look at them very closely)?

I’m sure that you all know where I’m going with this. Again, call me sensitive. I’ll be that. But seriously, inclusion ain’t the same as representation. Just don’t put us in any movies if you’re not going to do it right. Jeez.


2 thoughts on “A “Thor: The Dark World” Non-Review (with pictures)

  1. Hey there!
    I think you were absolutely right on this. Actually in my opinion there’s no problem with being sensitive because most people don’t notice “little” things that are actually important to point out. This, for example.
    really nice blog, btw

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