Post-NaNo Link Dump


November is over (and has been for a week and a half, but that’s neither here nor there) and I have great news: I finished NaNoWriMo! I took it down to the buzzer, writing out the last thousand or so words before the clock struck midnight. Now I have a semi-poorly written piece of fantasy literature that I’m going to spend the next couple of months editing and adding to (because 50,000 words does not make a novel). Hooray! I’m mostly just glad that I finished SOMETHING. In that sense, NaNoWriMo is like high school, amirite?

A brilliant friend sent my wife and I a message on Facebook earlier last week, excited because she’d come across free access to essays written by Alondra Nelson (and others) that were a part of the Social Text Journal’s Afrofuturism issue. I haven’t started in on them yet, but I’m going to make that happen over the course of my deskwarming time. Expect some of my patented rambly, nonsensical essay-esque thoughts after I finish absorbing all of this material.

Samuel Delany was named as the 2013 Damon Knight Memorial Grandmaster by the SFWA for all of his work in the SFF genre. One of the dope things that comes out of stories like this are all the awesome abridgments and additions from random fans on the internet. Take this, an interview with the man himself featured in the Paris Review.  I’ve also found a trailer for the documentary The Polymath, a doc on Delany that I didn’t even know existed before yesterday. I’m looking more into his essays that examine and critically analyze the SF genre. I hear that they’re amazing. If you have links to any, feel free to drop them in the comments.

This morning, I was exposed to the work of analyst and thinker José Muñoz, and his writings on Disidentification. The article linked above does a decent job of introducing the concept, and I am psyched to learn more about the theorist himself. It kind of blows that I didn’t hear much about him until after he died. His work lives on, though. Check that out, and feel free to drop links to essential readings from Muñoz or any other thinkers. 

Last but not least, a short story of mine was featured in the Griots: Sisters of the Spear anthology alongside awesome folks like Carole McDonnell, Charles Saunders, Milton Davis, Cynthia Ward, Valjeanne Jeffers and P. Djeli Clark. I’m completely honored to be featured in this very necessary anthology that shines a light on stories featuring black womanhood in fantasy. 

Anything to add? Don’t be shy, feel free to drop links to relevant and interesting items. Just don’t be spam. We don’t like spam around here. 

7 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Link Dump

    • Thanks!

      You know, this year I realized that it’s not all about finishing. I mean that’s what the contest itself is about, but I think that any kind of positive carry-over that you get out of participating makes you a winner. I know that sounds really “Everyone gets a trophy,” but hear me out.

      So you didn’t make it to 50k, for whatever reason. But say that, despite this, during the course of the month you wrote a thousand words every day without fail, and established a rock solid writing schedule. I think that’s such a major win. During this contest, I learned how to more effectively ignore the little voice in my head that urges me to make changes as I’m writing. I think that, even if I hadn’t finished, that would be a major win that positively impacts my writing.

      I know that revelation sounds pretty basic, but it really was an epiphany for me even as I found myself wrapped up in the competitive and completionist aspects of the month.

      The little pixelated banner that they give you for finishing is pretty sweet, though.

      • Agreed. My friends and I have decided to share the “rough-as-shit” drafts or pieces of drafts from last year. It’ll be horrifying and good to actually get something seen by people to kinda legitimize the effort.

      • RAS – it’s a thing.

        Hahaha! I’d love to see what my draft turns into too! Once it looks like more than Tourette’s on paper, I’ll share.

        How about your draft?

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