3 Things Manga Taught Me About YA Storytelling

This is such a great post. Manga storytelling is so unique and once you get through the cliches and tropes there are so many skills to apply to your fiction writing.

Thanks for the post, L. M.!

L. M. Davis Writes

For those of you who know me, you may know that I’m a semi closeted otaku–not in the stay at home and fall in love with 2-D characters sense, but in the sense that I watch a lot of anime and read quite a bit of manga among other things.  Now perhaps you scoff and call me a geek in your mind even as you read, but don’t knock it til you try it.  Not only are manga a great stories for reading if you’ve only got thirty minutes or so and they have actually taught me a thing or two about young adult storytelling from a non-western perspective. 


1) First, manga have taught me the beauty of unrequited love.  Love is so often two dimension in stories; it’s always this typical kind of romantic love.  There’s the heroine and the hero (or, if edgy, another heroine).  They fall in…

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