Swag From the Motherland: #BlackFutureMonth Edition


It’s Black History Month, and I know that was supposed to do a black history month post ages ago, but things are really busy, okay? Besides, February is now #BlackFutureMonth, and, if I’m honest, I have to say that I appreciate the rebranding.  It’s more apt, and has an afrofuturisic feel that I really dig.

So for my #BlackFutureMonth post, I’d like to shoutout African creators making bold new art for new spaces. Last year we got a strong start with the establishment of two new speculative fiction literary magazines focused on publishing work from African authors: Omemana and Jalada–the latter of which recent released an “Afrofutures” issue featuring work and commentary from Sofia Samatar, Sheree Renée Thomas, and Ytasha L. Womack, among other awesome creators.

If you go through my archives, you’ll see that I’m a fan of Pumzi, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi short film written and directed by Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu. Earlier in the year we got another offering in the form of Miguel Llansó’s Crumbs, an awesomely head-trippy post-apocalyptic superhero yarn starring Daniel Tadesse. Check out the trailer here:


Filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion has decided to give us another superhero joint with his new film Oya: Rise of the Orisha, a superhero film that features not one but TWO African women as protagonists:


Disconnected from the natural essence of Orixa.
Fuelled by hate, war and destruction. This world teeters on chaos.

This world needs change. This world needs Oya: Orixa of the hurricane, goddess of the wind. Step into her world, as Oya goes on a mission to stop a lunatic, intent on killing an innocent.
If change is to come. Evil must be defeated. The Orixa must rise.

Ororo betta watch out! You can watch the short film here:


Oya: Rise of the Orisha features an accompanying comic book as well, which is already available for pre-order. And since we’re on the subject of comics, Loyiso Mkize’s Kwezi has also been making the rounds. Kwezi is the story of a young man who rediscovers his traditional African roots in the harsh glare of the modern world. Mkize is a globally-acclaimed artist whose work examines African and its people in a fresh, new way that doesn’t forsake the past. It looks like Kwezi is doing the same. Check Kwezi out here.



In gaming, we have Kiro’o Games’ Aurion, Legacy of the Kori-OdanSet to be released in 2015 on PC (no word for mac…*sigh*), this side-scrolling Action-RPG, you (as protagonists Enzo Kori-Odan and Erine Evou) travel the world in an attempt to reconstruct your royal legacy and reclaim your kingdom after a devastating coup d’état. Featuring lush graphics, a brand new fantasy setting, and some awesome looking gameplay, Aurion looks to be a title to keep your eyes on. Peep the gameplay trailer for Aurion above.

As always, show some love in the comments if you’re a creator (specifically an African creator) who wants to spotlight your work, or you know of some work from an African creator that deserves a bit of shine.

Happy #BlackFutureMonth!

7 thoughts on “Swag From the Motherland: #BlackFutureMonth Edition

  1. Man Crumbs looks WICKED TIGHT! Oya looks tight too. Much of what i write revolves around black protagonist and antagonist. I don’t keep it restricted to that, but a majority of my characters are. The novel i’m working on, “Judgment of Gods”, follows pretty much an entire black (HUMAN) cast of heroes. Although some of the heroes and villains are of different races, Sepents, or Saleak. ADM (A distant memory) follows Jayce(Jayden in the novel) a young black man from Detroit, through his space exploits as gets drunk with aliens and exploits planets with an alien company known as Gal’kor. Taken before life, revolves around a successful black man who was able to overcome the ghetto life and become a renowned scientist/doctor. Abolished Sin, the two main characters are half black.

    It’s great to see that the future of black people, especially since WE ARE THE FUTURE! Keep up the powerful stuff! I’ll continue to read.

      • I’ve been steady working hard trying to get my first manuscript out. It’s titled: Alone in the dark: Anthologies from a hermit. While i’m doing that i’m breaking from the rest of my work and taking the time to read other people’s works.

        If you have anything you would like me to review let me know. I’m almost done Tree-of-ages, by Sarah C. Roethle. I would love to see what kind of creativity you have if your writing any novels. All i ask is that you let me submit a review.

      • I don’t have anything ready yet, but when I do you’ll be the first to know.

        Your manuscript title is interesting. If you decide to post excerpts somewhere, I’d love to read them.

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