Memoirs of an Atypical Blerd


I think that this post should be required reading. Check it out.

Phenderson Djèlí Clark

B8FSS6-IQAAsCBEA few years ago someone told me I was a Blerd. I had no idea what they were talking about. But (as I was then told) I’m black, I like SFF, and I talk about it a whole lot. So that makes me a Blerd. Okay. Fine. Whatevs. I didn’t really expect the term to catch on. I mean c’mon. Black + Nerd? Shows how much I know. Today Blerds are everywhere. There are Blerd sites, Blerd podcasts, Blerd blogs, Blerd meetups–you name it. Blerd has become a community. Blerd can maybe even be called a movement. Blerds are also remarkably diverse. And it turns out using one story to define them, may limit the full breadth of who or what they (we) can be.

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One thought on “Memoirs of an Atypical Blerd

  1. I agree, it is a good post! I didn’t get to read the entire thing though. I saw your name while i was reading up on Phenderson, so i thought i would swing on over and take a look. You should check out some of my own writing. I will warn you in advance, grammar and punctuation never have been my strong points. If you read my work, go into it for the concept. I’ve only edited everything, ONCE, except for “Abolished Sin” which a local editor of mine did for me. I shouldn’t really call him MY editor, but he is editing my work for me. He has 6 kids, and currently attending university, so he’s limited. Out of the 8 or 9 people who offered to do my editing, he was the most inspiring and understanding of them all!

    I’ll make a point to read some more of your post throughout the week. Check me out:

    Keep up the great work by the way!

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